Kathmandu, – Freedom from illiteracy was a “rights to education” that should not be the subject of speculation, Mr. Rajendra Gautam, Founder and President of Solidarity Nepal said on Friday.

In a letter read at celebrations to mark International Campaign on Education called “Mission Literacy” at the Solidarity House in Kathmandu, Gautam called for greater humanity and concrete commitments to help developing countries like Nepal.

Mr. Gautam said “compromises or negotiations” would achieve nothing if justice and solidarity were forgotten and stressed that people were dying of illiteracy, health issues and hunger in Asia.

The three Youth agencies, the Nepal Youth Voluntary Club, YAN and YOPD celebrated the day with talks at the SN headquarters in Kathmandu.

This year’s theme was “End Illiteracy Now – Help Solidarity Change the WORLD” to work in the education sector and to achieve the mission of SN worldwide.

“If we are too serious about the future of our children, more effort has to be made to address the problem of Illiteracy,” said LP Subedi, Governor of Nepal Youth Voluntary Club.

At the closing session, President Mr. Gautam gave away the certificates of Appreciation to the partner organization of SN.

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