Solidarity Nepal has the vision to bring positive social transformation in the society by uniting community leaders towards development of the nation.


Solidarity Nepal has the mission to educate, engage, and empower community leaders, bringing them together in national building process, making them responsible to contribute at the local, national and international level to grant humanitarian service.


1. To participate in promoting the principle of Solidarity (UNITY).
2. To work for the helpless, orphan and disabled children for their education, health, awareness, shelter, care taking and raise voice for their legal rights.
3. To establish well facilitated rehabilitation center for underprivileged children, women, disable and elderly people.
4. To launch long term program for family health care, poor mother and children welfare.
5. To work for the infrastructure development such as water supply project,volunteer home construction etc.
6. To conduct various awareness and field based programmes in the environmental sectors.
7. To Honor individuals and organizations that contribute significantly and meaningfully in the fields of education, health, social, economics, and environment in society.