What is Solidarity Nepal?

Solidarity Nepal is the Non-Governmental Organization dedicated for social transformation through unity. The solidarity Nepal’s headquarters resides in Kathmandu, with further main networks in Australia, Canada, Japan, UK and USA.

The stated purpose of this organization is to educate, engage and empower community leaders, bringing them together in national building process, making them responsible to contribute at the local, national and international level to grant humanitarian service.

It is a secular organization that works for the humanity open to all persons regardless of race, color, creed, gender or political preference.

Is Solidarity Nepal a religious organization?

Solidarity Nepa is a non-religious organization. We have members from all different religious and non-religious backgrounds.

What are the working areas of Solidarity Nepal?

  1. Education and Empowerment
  2. Health and Social Care
  3. Community and Rural Development
  4. Special Area Project
  5. Environmental Project

I have a great idea for a project!

We are always excited about new project ideas. Solidarity Nepal is an organization and we are constantly looking for fresh and innovative ideas for projects. If you have ideas for projects, Please Email Us at info@solidaritynepal.org OR info.solidaritynepal@gmail.com.