Community and Rural Development

Solidarity Nepal, in collaboration with different NGO’s, started its 1st project “Community Irrigation and Rural Development” project in different districts of Nepal in 2011, with components like irrigation, 2 Km long canal rehabilitation, sanitation, drinking water and income generating programs for women.

Detail of project activities:

  • Rehabilitation of 2 km long irrigation canal to irrigate land alongside with construction of its headwork (intake). The work included canal clearance, cement work and landslide protection measures like Gabion wire cage stone filling.
  • Initiated a small livestock rearing activity for women group as income raising program
  • Construction of drainage around few farmers house for creating better sanitation facilities and provided drinking water facilities to twenty-five households in the project area
  • Initiated construction of compost pit for organic manure
  • Forestation activities in the village wasteland and in the irrigation canal trail to protect land in the village.
  • Group orientation on health, sanitation, livestock management and environmental awareness training completed.
  • Introduction of smokeless stoves in the project area.