Children Support Program

For Children, Solidarity Nepal visit door to door to distribute edibles, uniforms for schooling, educational expenses & stationery.  Arrange/organize Health Care Programs (free medical camping, vaccination programs, mobile dispensaries in urban areas). In future we plan to start an Orphanage Centre for children, where they will provide all the basic necessities.

Condition of Disabled and Helpless Children in Nepal

WHO and other different surveys indicate that 5% children are victimized by any kinds of disabilities in Nepal every year. Nearly 54% children fall prey to disability due to the lack of knowledge in their parents about the nature and treatment of different common curable communicable diseases.

Likewise, nearly 17% children are disabled due to different accidents. Nearly 29% children are disabled by birth. The mortality rate of children is extremely high because only 17% children get proper health facilities, medicines, nutrition whereas 70% to 80% are deprived of their fundamental right ; the right to an education.

Education is critical to a child’s development and well being. Each child, though disabled has the right to an education, which has become most widely accepted human right. Poverty, blind faiths or dead habits, which still exist in the society, prevent them from getting an access to education.

Education has become inaccessible to the disabled due to the lack of proper physical structure of school surrounding, roads and transportation. Difficulties faced by the disabled in transportation vary from those living in the Terai to those living in the Hilly region. But difficulties faced by them are similar too some extent inside the school due to similar structure of school.

They inevitably have to face difficulties in all places either in urban areas or in rural areas. Each disabled child is deprived of his/her fundamental rights. The disabled are discriminated on the ground of their disabilities and are considered as a burden, just like a milestone around the neck, in the family and the society.

They are deprived of essential medicines, proper health care, nutrition or security. As a result, the mortality rate is profoundly higher. They are deprived of the rights-the right to participate in social activities, the right to an education, the right to be equally treated. They will also feel obliged to bear the duties and responsibilities for their families, society and country on the condition that they get equal opportunities for education and skills development.

It is the common duty and responsibilities of their parents, society and country not only to protect from domestic violence, abuse, exploitation and discrimination but also to provide them with preventive and curative health care, adequate nutrition, safe learning and playing environment with a view to enabling them to reach their potentials.

The largest single project ever undertaken by us is the dream to build a new government recognized school under Education Project called “Mission Literacy” to give our children a far better education and ultimately a much better future. So, join your hands with Solidarity Nepal.